We always have a good selection of refurbished pianos in stock at our warehouse in Cheshire below is a small choice selection. To View PHONE 07553 362844

Beautiful Welmar Upright 
in a polished mahogany case 88 keys
Overstrung and tuned to A440 concert pitch

Challen 5ft Baby Grand 
in a Satin Mahogany case, tuned to A440 concert pitch, superb tone and touch.

Upright Over Strung piano by this famous maker, 88 keys in a lovely polished rosewood case, refurbished, lovely tone and touch.
( Carl Bechstein worked in the Rosenkranz Factory learning his skills) 
A Piano to suit all levels of playing.

Marshall & Rose 
88 keys overstrung piano circa 1970 a beautiful piano from this famous maker. Click link to listen
Circa 1930's, 2 pedals, overstrung art deco Piano in first class condition, in a polished mahogany case.

Overstrung 88 keys in a satin mahogany polished case
2 pedals as new condition
Circa 1980


In a polished mahogany case, 85 keys,2 pedals overstrung, a lovely
piano by this famous maker.
Click link to listen 
Dimn 138 x 50 x 107h cm 


Bechstein model II (7) Overstrung 88 keys, beautiful instrument
circa 1889 restrung recently
dimn162w x 66d x136h cm


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